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NX CAM: Digitalization is the Key!

Digitally transform part production using NX for Manufacturing

Drive efficient end-to-end part manufacturing operations and deliver high-precision parts through digitalization. 

Program CNC machine tools, control robotic cells, drive 3D printers and monitor quality using one software system. Digitally transform your part manufacturing business to gain productivity and increase profitability.

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NX for Manufacturing Features

Gain efficiency using one comprehensive CAM software.

NX for manufacturing enables the use of consistent 3D models, data and processes to seamlessly connect planning and shop floor operations with a digital thread. Program any job using one software. NX CAM provides comprehensive and integrated NC programming capabilities in a single system, like:

     ·        Complex Parts Machining: Create precisely controlled 5-axis tool paths to effectively machine complex geometries.

     ·        Mold,die & electrode Machining: high-speed machining, automated rest milling, and smooth finishing methods help you produce molds and dies with a near-mirror finish, while reducing lead time. Quickly design and program electrodes using an automated process.

     ·        Postprocessing & Machining Simulation: Generate machine-ready NC programs for a wide range of machine tools and controls with a postprocessor embedded in your CAM software. Leverage the digital twin of your machines and processes to accurately validate manufacturing operations to reduce setup time and maximize machine uptime.

     ·        Prismatic Parts Machining: Minimize manual input and create optimized processes to machine precision parts. Advanced technologies, such as volume-based milling and automated feature recognition, can reduce programming time by up to 90 percent.


Integrate part manufacturing processes with NX CAD/CAM

NX provides powerful integrated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) that enables seamless manufacturing - from digital part models to finished products.

By programming using the digital twin of your entire job setup, including the workpiece, fixtures and machine tool, and tooling you:

     ·        Accelerate Part Model Preparation: Synchronous Technology helps you directly edit any CAD model regardless of its complexity or how it was created. As you prepare part models for machining, NX maintains full associativity to the original CAD data, enabling easy implementation of design changes requested by your engineering department or your customers.

     ·        Drive Manufacturing Processes Using PMI: You can capture and associate a part's manufacturing requirements directly to the 3D model using Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI). PMI enables you to automate NC programming, saving up to 90 percent of programming time. NX utilizes PMI for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) inspection programming by automatically choosing probes, inspection methods and operations. 

     ·        Leverage Fully-Integrated CAD Tools: Whether you model the part from a drawing, modify an existing model or you create a job setup assembly, you can use NX's comprehensive CAD functions.

     ·        Standardize Manufacturing with a Master Model: NX leverages the master model technology to facilitate concurrent manufacturing by linking all functions to the single model definition of the part - from part model design and optimization to NC programming and CNC machining to quality inspection.


Automate quality control with a data-driven process

Digitalize your quality control process to meet demanding requirements for product quality and dimensional accuracy. By integrating CMM inspection programming, shop floor execution, and measured data analysis, you can establish an efficient data-driven quality control process. 

This automated, closed-loop solution enables continuous process control, so you can deliver high-quality products and stay competitive.

     ·        CMM Inspection Programming: Generate inspection programs automatically by using the part geometry and product and manufacturing information (PMI) that is associated with intelligent CAD models.

     ·        Inspection Program Execution: Run consistent and accurate in-process inspection and measured data analysis of manufactured parts using CMM equipment and inspection-ready CNC machines.

     ·        Inspection Data Analysis: Easily compare as-built measured results against the as-designed 3D geometry. You can visualize the measurement results in NX and perform analysis in the context of the digital part model.

NX for manufacturing Quality Control

Automate Production and Increase Flexibility with Robotics

NX’s advanced robotics can improve your productivity by automating your part manufacturing operation - from a blank to a finished part.

Robotic machining provides more flexibility that can dramatically improve efficiency on the shop floor. Using NX CAM, you can program robots to machine large parts and to automate machining tasks typically performed manually. This enables expanded machining capabilities, reduced cycle time, and improved part quality. NX can help you:

·       Gain Flexibility with Robots for Machining: By using robotics to automate tasks such as trimming, de-burring, grinding, and polishing, you can improve accuracy, reduce costs, and increase flexibility.

·       Program Robots for Pick-and-Place Operations: Including machine tending and tool loading. This allows extended unattended machining that can maximize your production capacity.

·       Use Robots to Automate Complete Production Workcells: Boost your productivity by using automated workcells on the shop floor. With NX, you can program fully-automated workcells to perform robotic machine tending, tool loading, and CNC machining using one software.

Automate Production and Increase Flexibility with Robotics in NX SIEMENS

Transform your manufacturing with a digital machine shop!

2019 New NX CAM Features:

1) Machine 60% faster using high-speed Adaptive Milling

2) Easily program complex 5-axis roughing and finishing with Tube Milling

3) Robotic Machining: Program robots for pick-and-place and machining operation using NX CAM

4) NX Machining Line Planner: Plan and optimize high-volume flexible machining lines

5) NX Additive Manufacturing: Prepare 3D printing jobs for industrial powder bed fusion printers and rapidly build functional parts using HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers.

6) NX Tooling Design: Automate tool costing to improve your profitability.

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