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Marine and offshore

Marine and offshore developing in Industry 4.0 era

With industry 4.0 technology in the go, designing the most highly complex ships became easier. Performance and build-time is sped through the collaboration of designers, engineers, production specialists, partners and suppliers, so shipyards can optimize performance. That is great, especially now with the marine industry facing challenges to reduce environmental emissions, whilst operating in a competitive environment. Discover how Simcenter solutions enable naval architects to design, analyze and optimize every aspect of vessel performance. Explore virtually and confirm physically with a design digital twin.


Simcenter solutions for Marine Performance Engineering

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PENTA 3D will help you find the right solution for your next development step towards industry 4.0. Through our worldwide leading solutions, we have made it possible to blend both the human engineering experience and the technology with customers’ preferences in mind. We are here to help with solutions, products, services, and training. Let us know how we can assist you.

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