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Keeping up with the dynamic changes of the automotive and transportation industry

Vehicle Performance Engineering

Successfully handling today’s vehicle design challenges, such as balancing fuel economy and energy efficiency with performance, requires innovative designs.

By offering a wide range of simulation and testing solutions, as well as engineering services, Penta 3D, as  Siemens solution partner,  helps you solve difficult design decisions. Our Siemens software offer facilitate the testing and simulation to support performance engineering and mechatronic system validation brings on the concept of the digital twin which is a key enabler to delivering solutions to frontload performance engineering and design right the first time.

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Automotive & Transportation

Digital Twin in Automotive Industry

Developing an electric city car digitally in all aspects by a Swedish automotive company. The car is designed entirely in Siemens NX and now the digital twin can be used to simulate and optimize the design and plan for production using Siemens plm software.

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Solutions for Your Business Needs

PENTA 3D will help you find the right solution for your next development step towards industry 4.0. Through our worldwide leading solutions, we have made it possible to blend both the human engineering experience and the technology with customers’ preferences in mind. We are here to help with solutions, products, services, and training. Let us know how we can assist you.

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