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Solid Edge 2019: See What’s New

Solid Edge 2019 from Siemens provides next generation product development for today’s engineers. Best-in-class electrical and PCB design. Fully integrated simulation analysis. The latest tools for subtraction and additive manufacturing. New requirements management capabilities. And free, secure cloud-based project collaboration.
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Penta’s solutions are focused towards one goal: helping you seamlessly through the whole PLM (Product Life cycle Management) process. From the innovation and product development till the production, Penta's know-how, cutting-edge technology and expert services guarantee your company shorter turnaround times, improved quality, speed to market, while reducing your costs.

Industry 4.0 Engineering Solutions

What do we offer?

Best practices start at home, and more precisely in the factory. When we started implementing lean methodologies in our customers companies and teams, we have already been applying those principles in our organization. When we launched our new strategy aiming to support our customers as they step into Industry 4.0, we had already built the foundations – actually, we even were one of the first pioneers of the industrial Internet of things in Egypt. We started and will continue to push boundaries with our solutions to make sure we’re well-equipped to help our customers on their Industry 4.0 transaction journey. That's the ways we walk the 4.0 talk.